Curling Iron Wand

Nowadays women like to go for different types of hairstyles. They do not like to carry the same old look to office or to any other party. Women of the present times have become quite self-conscious and they are bent on getting to know the ways and the techniques that can help them get some new hairstyles done for a completely new appearance. Curled hair is one option that is being chosen by women on a very wide scale. However, it is important for women to note that is always necessary to use the best curling iron wand for achieving the best results in curled hair. There are a number of factors that are important to be considered by people who go for the purchase or for the choice of curling iron wands. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that curling iron wands are very effective in rendering that perfect look to a woman but at the same time it is also important to note that curling iron wands are required to be chosen very carefully.

Curling Iron WandFactors that require Consideration

Some of the most important factors that are required to be considered while choosing a Curling Iron Wand have been mentioned below:

•    A curling iron wand should be selected only when a woman is sure about the fact that whether she requires waves or curls.

•    Those who try to use curling iron wands should also remain aware of the different kinds of technologies that exist in curling iron wands.

•    The barrel size of the curling iron wand is also an important consideration.

People should always remain aware of the curling iron wand required by them depending on the hair style that they would like to flaunt.

Types of Curling Iron Wands

There are different types of curling iron wands available in the market. There are spiral or spring curling iron wands that are considered to be very good for daily use and they are also not very expensive. There are even Marcel curling iron wands available in the market that are specially designed to be used professionally. It has to be noted that the marcel curling iron wands are not user-friendly like the spiral or the spring curling iron wands.

Barrel Feature and Technology

The technology used in the barrel and the work done by a barrel is considered to be a very important component of a curling iron wand. There are a total of five most important technology features of a curling iron wand and they are as follows:

•    Teflon: Teflon helps in eliminating frizz and it helps in the creation of curls that are soft and bouncing by the even distribution of heat within the entire barrel.

•    Ceramic Ionic: Ceramic Ionic is a technology used for creating curled hair that is shiny and silky and at the same time it also helps in eliminating frizz.

•    Tourmaline: Tourmaline is infused in the Curling Iron Wand plates and tourmaline helps in delivering negative ions that help in neutralizing the positive charge of the hair. This results ion the creation of shiny, calm and smooth strands of hair.

•    Metal: Metal is less expensive and heavier and it can take at least five minutes to get heated.

•    Titanium: Titanium is hard but it also possesses a very smooth surface. It is durable and possesses lightweight strength that is of great use in creating hair curls that are static free by the even distribution of heat across hair.

Barrel Size and hair Types

There are different types of barrel sizes available and women should always go for the choice of barrel sizes that are suitable for their particular hair type. Choosing the best type of barrel size is a positive determinant of getting well curled hair and the long life span of the curls. The barrel sizes that can go well with different hair types have been listed below:

•    Bleached/Thin/Damaged/Flat/Fine Hair: ¾ to 1-1/2 inch barrel size and the curls last for a very long time.

•    Normal hair: 1 to 2 inch barrel size.

•    Thick and Coarse Hair: Large barrel that is upto 1-1/4 to 2 inches.

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