WARNING! You can get a lot of attention when you use clipless curling iron to style your hair

Over the years there have been various innovations which have been introduced into the world of curl styling. But few have made impact like clipless curling iron. These curlers have revolutionized the concept of hair curling and made it very convenient for its users. Earlier curling your hair with hot iron rods was cumbersome and a long drawn process. There was no option given by which you can use them on a daily basis and make yourself look beautiful and different each day. But with these curlers you now have an opportunity to make yourself look better with a hair of cascading curls every morning and enjoy minimum effort to do so.

Clipless Curling IronHow do you create these curls using these curling irons which are clipless?

1.    Clean your hair and spray it water to make it damp. In order to hold the curls you can add any serum which would control Frizz. If you have fine hair then you would need to add a serum which would give your hair the extra volume when the curls are formed.

2.    Divide your hair into small portions of 6 to 8 areas. This would help you to create curls and manage your hair well during the curling process.

3.    Wrap each section of the hair near the base of the Clipless Curling Iron and roll the total length of the hair over the curling iron firmly. You should keep the curler away from the skin. Otherwise your skin would get burnt. After the entire hair section has been rolled in the curler, hold it for a few seconds.

4.    After the few seconds have elapsed gently remove the curling iron and let the curls set in the hair.

5.    On the other sections of your hair repeat the above 3 & 4 steps.

6.    When the entire hair is covered with curls, you cab lightly spray a hair spray which would hold the curls a little longer.

7.    You now have your lovely curls for the day.

What are the benefits of using these curlers?

1.    The curling process is very easy and there is no hassle when undertaking this curling process.

2.    When curling your hair using these curling irons which are clipless you do not crease your curls.

3.    When you use these curling irons you would get more volume in your curls.

4.    Also the ends of your hair and scalp are prevented from any damage caused by hest.

5.    These curling irons save energy and have a shut down system which shuts the iron if it has not been used for 30 minutes. This is a great energy saving feature.

6.    These curlers are easy to handle as they have a non slip grip which is convenient for its users.

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